Troy Ave isn't at all concerned about damage control this morning (Mar. 1) after internet backlash over his latest diss track towards Joey Badass.

The two Brooklyn rappers have been taking subliminal shots at each other over who is the truly "independent" artist for more than a year now, but recently, the beef has escalated to putting the words on wax. Last week, Joey dropped the track "Ready" where he mentioned Troy's lackluster record sales. “With the 80/20 split do the math, my nigga Kirk Knight just outsold Troy Ave,” raps the Pro Era leader. Then last night (Feb. 29), Troy dropped his own diss track for Joey called "Bad Ass" where he went at Badass and dropped a particularly cringeworthy diss about deceased Pro Era member Capital Steez. “Steez burning in Hell, my burner’s in my belt / I’m really killing shit, you niggas killing yourself / Fucking weirdos, off the roof, “Steer clear yo!”

After trending on Twitter for a majority of the night and getting backlash from other rappers like ASAP Twelvyy, Troy called into Sway In the Morning earlier today to explain the reason for dropping the Steelo line.

In the interview, Troy claims that he never heard Joey's "Ready," but that he saw the lyrics online and that "opened Pandora's box," making it fair game to clap back with a no-holds-barred rebuttal.

"This is real versus fake. This is the dealer verses the user," explained Troy. "I was like ight, I could bust his head or I could make a song. Or both. Depends how I feel."

When Sway Calloway pressed Troy about the Capital Steez comments, Troy was quick to stand by the controversial lines, saying he didn't care who they upset.

"He didn't pass away. He killed himself. There's a difference. God gave you life, it ain't your right to take that. That's a fact. I got niggas in jail who got life sentences, they might as well be dead. They could've traded their life for his...your friends speak to your character. I got friends that's killing shit, his friends are killing themselves. We not on the same level. Don't play with me."

Listen to Troy's entire unapologetic interview above.

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