The Notorious B.I.G. warned us over 20 years ago that with more money comes more problems. Troy Ave reaffirms Biggie's theory with his latest album, More Money More Problems.

Featuring songs with titles such as “Friend or Foe” and “Sense of Entitlement,” Troy’s latest project addresses some of the problems the Brooklyn rapper has faced as a result of his financial gains. On the album, which is 10-songs deep with no guest appearances, he tackles recent trials and tribulations connected to his involvement in 2016’s infamous Irving Plaza shooting. Although his more recent music has touched on some heavy subjects, that doesn’t mean stunting can’t still be a habit for Troy Ave.

He does just that in a new freestyle for XXL's Flex Zone series, where more established rappers flex their rapping skills. “Every time you see me I got cash out,” Troy spits. “Every car you see me in, I dash out/I’m tryna leave the streets, already seen how it ends/My life a real movie call it cash out/I’m a real star, bitches pass out.”

With money on his mind, as well as that serving as his motivation, he spits about cash, chicks, whips and his not-so-well wishes for the haters. “Broke niggas lose again/Hatin’ niggas lose again/You’ll be broke ’til the end,” promises the “Ice Cream” rapper.

“Haters can keep putting their hands up trying to block me,” said Troy Ave during his recent visit to the XXL office. “Their hands are going to get tired. I swear, because I’m going to keep putting shots up.”

Less than a month old, More Money More Problems is Troy Ave’s second release of 2018. Equipped with a hustler’s spirit, he’s already prepping his next couple of releases. “White Christmas 6 is on the way,” the former XXL Freshman reveals. “I’m definitely going to give the people New York City: The Album 2. Other than that, God is the plan of all plans.”

Watch Troy Ave flex his freestyle skills above.

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