Troy Ave has been battling the law for over a year now. Despite what he’s going through, he decided to give his fans Dope Boy Troy, a project that he’s labeling as an album.

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave dropped off his latest project right before he walked into the court room this morning. He posted on his Instagram to let his fans know that his new album Dope Boy Troy is officially available for streaming. The artwork for the album shows Troy Ave wearing a mink coat while he rocks a bullet proof vest underneath. The picture was taken right before Troy Ave went to court on March 21.

“morning yall, I'm boutta slide in Court but the #DopeBoyTroy Album Out Now Available Everywhere! (💽Link in my bio) Purchase, Stream, Download ion care how u get it I jus care that u get it & spread the word 4 ya boi cc @itunes x @mymixtapez,” Troy Ave’s Instagram caption read.

Yesterday, the MC released a brand new song via SoundCloud called “Never Switch.” He dedicated the song to his former manager Hovain and on the artwork, he crossed out Hovain’s face. Troy Ave even shared a brief message about the record.

“If You Ever Had Somebody Switch Sides or Be Disloyal While You Kept it 100 then u can relate!” Troy says.

The Brooklyn rapper has been going through his trials and tribulations with the law in last 12 months. He was involved in the shooting that occurred at Irving Plaza in New York which left him shot in the leg. Then late last year, Troy was shot multiple times while sitting in his Maserati in Brooklyn. He hasn’t had much luck as far as staying out of trouble goes but with the release of this new album, let’s hope he’s trying to stay focused on his music.

Troy Ave's Dope Boy Troy Tracklist

1. "Mafia"
2. "Why"
3. "Amazing Grace"
4. "Never Switch"
5. "Just Cookin"
6. "Welcome to Level 2 (Interlude)
7. "No Delay"
8. "Donald Pump"
9. "Freaks Only"

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