"I sound like the train track riding past ya crib while you tryna watch Game of Thrones and some shit. You know what I'm saying? Like the only things you can get from New York City."

Troy Ave wastes no time in getting started with his reemergence of East coast hip-hop in BSB. Vol. 4. As an established lyricist hailing from Brooklyn, Troy Ave follows up his strong debut, New York City: The Album, with a structurally crafted Vol. 4 that stands on its own and even differentiates itself from the rest of the volumes. While BSB Vol. 3 had beats ranging in sounds of what's hot today, Vol. 4 follows his debut and stays focused on what Troy brought back to the game.

Troy passionately represents New York and his expressive style and outpouring of his soul into every bar he spits is evident as listeners are taken in by his tales of drug dealings to his picturesque outlook of life, love, ambition and pride. The first single, "Me and You," is a laid-back song in which Troy bluntly lets us know what's different between him and the rest. "My Day," which breathes the same atmosphere as The Infamous, lets us know right off the pavement, "I'd be damned if I'm fucked up in the struggle, no way. I'd rather let the water bubble while I crush up this yay."

BSB. Vol. 4 is filled with wondrous, storytelling tracks that changes in mood from the fun and bouncy, "Your Style," to the hard-hitting, "So Ambitious," to the throwback of Hov's timeless Dead Presidents in, "My Lifetime," which even features Jigga's righthand man, Memphis Bleek. What is constant is his street narrative of money, drugs and his drive which stems from his Brooklyn upbringing. "You can't wait for your turn, you gotta take your turn." Although the 2014 XXL Freshman keeps his eyes on the grind, he gives us a friendly reminder that drugs and money comes violence as he must always, "stay down, stay loyal and stay fucking strapped." Being hailed as the next 50 Cent musically, Troy Ave has what it takes to live up to the hype.

Troy Ave is making noise in the rap game and rightfully so as he lyrically cooks and boils each beat down to its powdered form. That and his mind state of "if it ain't about the money, I don't know what to say." Although he raps along side his BSB members on his latest mixtape from Young Lito, Avon Blocksdale and King Sevin, Troy keeps us wanting more from him on the solo tip.

With a number of producers credited on BSB. Vol. 4, the beats bang hard as the sound varies from melancholy to piano riffs and hard-hitting drums. The samples used on this mixtape from "Out In Brooklyn," "My Day," to "My Lifetime," brings back the New York flavor reminiscent of the 1990s. It's nothing we haven't heard before but the chemistry of beats along with Troy Ave's voice and lyrics match-up well and complement one another's work making for complete and enjoyable songs. Troy Ave's singing makes us feel like we're all having a good time with no fucks given.

BSB Vol. 4 can be seen as an addition to the BSB mixtapes or it can even be seen as a sequel to New York City: The Album. What makes it a unique listening are the stories Troy Ave tells in each track with a voice of sympathy and pride for carrying the torch of East Coast hip-hop. Can we call it a comeback? It's a new generation and most (if not a hardcore hip-hop head or crate digger) probably aren't familiar with the patent, grimy sounds of East Coast hip-hop. Is that the sounds that's provided on BSB. Vol. 4? Not thoro.

However, it is a new era and bringing back the sounds of Mobb Deep and Jay Z during their come up is a gem that's worth your time. As we look forward to his next studio release, what's certain is Troy Ave will continue repping the East Coast as he does his thing on the streets as well as the beats; and of course, demanding his crown. All hail young king Troy soon.—Andrew Lee