Towkio and Vic Mensa unleash their new video for "GWM," a cut off the former's Community Service 2 EP.

Throughout the nearly four-minute video, Towkio, Vic and fellow members of their squad turn up by some abandoned buildings by a train station on the South Side of Chicago. The visual effects are pretty damn dope: at one point, Towkio and his crew are frozen mid-air, hovering over the tracks like a David Blaine levitation stunt. The new visual appears today (Nov. 3) on 88rising's YouTube account. You can view the clip in full above.

As aforementioned, "GWM" (which stands for "Gang With Me") originally appeared on Towkio's latest mixtape, Community Service 2. The EP features seven tracks with guest features from fellow Save Money artists Joey Purp and Vic Mensa. Producers including Smoko Ono, Peter Cottontale and Knox Fortune handle instrumentals on the solid body of work.

In Feb. 2015, XXL interview Towkio as part of a feature on Save Money. When asked why the world should care about Save Money, Towkio replied, "Because I feel like we have been partaking in defining our culture since the Internet. We are the Internet generation, we’re bridging the gap. We’re the last generation that didn’t have Internet at one point, so we taking it as far as we can."

He continued, "We’ve been a part of it so therefore we have been advancing it since we’ve been a part of it for so long; listening to music, downloading mixtapes, being up on releases, streetwear, fashion, all that. They’re all little things, but as as you get older you realize that you’ve been a part of this for a long time. I feel like us taking part in it, coming from our city it means a little bit more because there’s not people like that like there are in New York or L.A. In Chicago, it doesn’t really exist, but it’s also more genuine coming from here."

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