Just in case anyone was considering running up on Towkio, Vic Mensa or any of the Save Money crew, they've dropped a new track suggesting those to do otherwise. "G W M" or "gang with me" is a rattling track produced by Mr Carmack and Kenny Segal that shows both Towkio and Mensa beating their chests in the name of their squads.

While Towkio raps of molly and lean and being "out of body off some DMT," Mensa uses his verse as an opportunity to send official shots Spike Lee's way for his 2015 film Chi-raq. Mensa raps, “I got gang with me / That mean Jay with me, 'Yonce with me, Just Blaze with me / Save money, got Kanay with me / Nigga, fuck Spike Lee / City notorious for niggas getting shot, is not a movie scene / Do it big, I got Faith with me.”

At the top of the year, Vic had mentioned on Twitter that he was watching a bootleg of the flick, calling the rhymed dialogue "SO TRASH." Later, he referred to the movie as feeling like "a minstrel show" and called it "a mockery of the very real, very un-satirical violence in chicago." He closed by tagging Spike and writing, "you've done your people a huge disservice with this movie. you had the opportunity to shed a real light on this situation."

Listen to "G W M" above and check out some of Vic's tweets from early January below.

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