Towkio has stepped forth to deny a rape allegation against him.

In a late night tweet (Jan. 6), the "Morning View" rapper posted a tweet addressing a rape claim made by Twitter user @PPPermint. Towkio for the tweet, Towkio uploaded an Apple note with a paragraph denying the allegations.

"I am deeply saddened by the recent allegations made by Morgan," the SaveMoney crew rapper said in his note. "To provide necessary context, she and I were in an on going consensual sexual relationship dating back to 2014 which even included other women. I only say this to provide context and in no way to victim blame."

He continues, "It is of the utmost importance to me that she and the entire world know with 100% certainty and my hand to God that I would never engage in any intercourse with any women without full consent. While I absolutely deny these allegations, I feel awful that I would be a source of pain for her. It is my hope that her and I can engage in a dialogue in a place where she feels comfortable to discuss our relationship and her feelings."

Prior to his note, the woman alleged that Towkio raped her back in February of 2016. She continued by giving exact details of the encounter. According to her, she was invited to the Towkio's apartment with no intention of having sex due to a yeast infection she had at the time. After turning down his sexual advances numerous times, he allegedly forced her into the bedroom where she gave in and had sex with him. However, during intercourse, Morgan says she told the "Symphony" rapper to stop because of the pain. She says he refused.

Critics seem to point to a now-deleted tweet from 2011 in which he wrote "We low-key rape women," however Towkio continues to deny the allegations against him.

Check out Towkio's full statement below.

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