Tone Loc had another scare during a show. This time the old school MC nearly passed out while performing his hit "Wild Thing" in South Dakota.

The funky cold rapper hit the stage in Sioux Falls on Saturday night (Nov. 26) as part of the #ILoveThe90s Tour. Things seemed to start out lit, with Loc and his hype man rocking the crowd with about a dozen women turning up on stage. Shortly into the track, Tone starts to miss lines and turns his back to the crowd. When the women on the stage start to look concerned, Loc's hype man rushes to his aid and shuffles him off backstage.

The 50-year-old rapper later returned to finish his set.

TMZ is reporting that reps for the rapper say the fainting scare was not a big deal, and the MC only needed a quick break and water before returning. He is reportedly doing fine and has another show tonight in North Dakota.

This isn't the first time a dizzy spell has interrupted a Tone Loc show. Back in 2013, he passed out during a show in Iowa. That time, the culprit was an apparent seizure. Loc reportedly lay on stage while being attended to by medical personnel for five minutes before people in attendance were asked to leave.

A similar incident happened during a 2009 concert in Florida. Loc was also hospitalized after blacking out during a show in 2011 and twice in 2012 for what his manager labeled heat exhaustion and food poisoning, respectively.

Loc will continue on the #ILoveThe90s Tour which has been going on since January and will run in to 2017.

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