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Suave House
Suave House

1995: Comin' Out Hard and On the Outside Looking In established 8Ball and MJG as hardcore rap artists, but it was On Top of the World that cemented the Southern duo's place in hip-hop history.

On Top of the World's funky, futuristic production from Smoke One Productions undoubtedly helped form a new sub-genre in rap. It merges perfectly with 8Ball and MJG's lyrical content, as they serve as conscious, storytelling gangsters on tracks like "Funk Mission" and "Friend or Foe," which features sweet 16s from legends like E-40, Big Mike and Mac Mall.

Other standouts from On Top of the World are  "Pimp In My Own Rhyme" and their single "Space Age Pimpin." On those tracks, the two show how well they complement each other's style and wordplay, making them one of the more standout hip-hop pairings to date.

The title for the project couldn't have been better, as 8ball, MJG and their label, Suave House Records, were hitting their stride. The quality almost makes you forget the 15-track album has a 70-minute duration time. Simply put, the album couldn't have come at a better time, and to call On Top of the World a classic would be an understatement, because over two decades later, the album sounds just as superb as the day it dropped.

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