Tim Roth's villains usually aren't this evil. In Ava DuVernay's stunning Selma, the Reservoir Dogs actor plays George Wallace, the former Governor of Alabama and one of America's most notorious racists.

But in a sitdown with Crave, Roth began to reminisce about some of his other famous films, notably 1997's acclaimed Gridlock'd. Speaking about the bitingly funny thriller, Roth recalled that his costar, Tupac Shakur, was "very, very, very professional," lamenting that the two would have surely had a long career as a tandem.

The only time they bumped heads, Roth said, was when he tried to curb Shakur's famous work ethic. "He would leave the set and go straight to a studio to record," recalls Roth, "and then he had to do music videos as well at the time. And he would come to work and he was knackered. He was exhausted. I said, 'You’ve got to stop your hours now. You can’t be walking wounded when you’re coming to the set because you’re not going to do your best work.' And he really shut it down. He was pretty great about it."

The pair got on so famously, Roth said, that Tupac brought him to the Death Row studios, where the two rapped together. The tape, says the actor, has been lost to the abyss.

Selma is out now.