The Roots are back in the studio! Questlove went on Instagram to announce that The Roots were currently working on a new album titled End Game. Questlove's post featured a clip of producer Stro Elliot - best known for his work as a member of The Procussions - making a beat for the project.

"In 1996 w our 3rd album #IlladelphHalflife we decided to be our own sampling source and jam in the day and sample ourselves at night," Questlove wrote. "20 years later we are working on our 17th album entitled #Endgame....& we startin all over again. Here the gawd @StroElliot is breaking out his get busy tools and making ish sound tight!"

Karriem Riggins also revealed his involvement in the new Roots album. The acclaimed producer made a Facebook post about his time in the studio, noting the high quality of the music being created.

"I'm here in sunny NYC recording with my fav group The Roots!" Riggins wrote. "I just heard some amazing music. Ahmir is keepin it so funky."

End Game will be The Roots' follow-up to 2014’s …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin album. The group's 17th album does not have a release date, but it is doubtful fans will be hearing before 2017 arrives.

Although The Roots have been very busy with their duties as The Tonight Show's house band, they have still managed to release some new music this year. The group dropped a song called "Bittersweet" as part of a promotional campaign for Stella Artois. They also crafted the theme song for the 2016 NBA Finals.

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