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Name: Will Brennan

Where I'm from: I'm from Mangonia Park, a small munincipality just north of West Palm Beach in South Florida. I lived there most of my life until 7 weeks ago when I relocated to Atlanta.

I've been rapping since: I've been rapping since I was 12 when I started out on the whole cafeteria-lunch table scene. Back then freestyling was a necessary skill and you had to be real funny to survive those circles. By the time I was 15, my writing skills were really starting to develop and I stuffed notepads with those real generic rapper bars that everybody starts with. As I got older, I started writing more personal music and really crafting songs.

My style and/or skills have been compared to: I switch up my flow and production a lot, so I never get a consistent person that people compare me to. Maybe B.o.B because of the melody and song structure, I've heard J. Cole when the style is classical or Lupe for a song like "This Land". I listened and practiced the best techniques of all my favorite artists growing up so I have small pieces of a lot of different artists in my style.

My standout records and/or moments have been: My biggest song to date has been "Expect From Me," a track I did with my producer Julian Cruz in Tallahassee. It's one of those moments where I was looking back at a chick who was sleeping on what I was really trying to do with the music. I think a lot of people were able to relate to someone close to them being their biggest doubter. I've had a few big moments on stage but my favorite so far was a recent show where I opened for Ab Soul in Fort Lauderdale. The place was packed and the crowd was a rapper's dream, really receptive and they were looking for a good show. By the end I think I lost 2 pounds from the sweat lol the energy was crazy.

I’m gonna change the game by: 'm gonna change the game by balancing the idea that their should be no limits on creativity with a focus on the areas where I have a natural competitive advantage. I've felt a lot of pressure from people to "pick a sound" or find a niche or however people talk these days lol but I have a nice range and I'm not looking to restrict that at all. That said, I really focus on keeping my flow and content structured in a way where people can understand the mood I'm conveying as much as what I'm saying.

I’d like to work with: I'd like to work with more of the modern dj/producer hybrids. It seems so natural that people used to playing music for others would eventually start crafting their own. Their perspective on what things sound and feel like, as well as how the music affects people on a physical level is priceless in the creative space. Besides that, I'd like to meet more classically trained musicians looking to bring their sound to 2012 and creative sound engineers. The people like Ali, 40, really bringing a next-level approach to mixing and engineering.

My goal in hip-hop is: To come out and really show how the style and principles have affected my style and philosophy. We live in an age where all the fundamentals have been laid and we can access all of these different influences on demand. It's not so much about reinventing the wheel as it is studying the different styles of wheels and understanding the beneficial aspects of all of them. Once you do that, you can combine them, mix the levels, and create something that is both unique and familiar to the listener. I believe your style shows your purpose for existing. It's the part of you that influences others and never dies. Hip hop was the perfect easel for me to find mine, now I just want to fine tune myself.

I’m gonna be the next: I'm gonna be the next person to change the rules of hip hop. I'm breaking this thing down to its essentials and rebuilding it again with all new sounds and mashes. New ideas. I think my sound is going to bridge a lot of other sounds and I hope people start venturing further away from their comfort space.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter @thewillbrennan

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