"I have more of a hip-hop flow and Chance is more of an entertainer. I'm more of a rapper. I like to paint stories. I like to create situations."

Taylor Bennett and Chance The Rapper are not the same. The 20-year-old MC has started to cultivate a fanbase of his own thanks to his eclectic Mainstream Music mixtape, which was released in May. He has firmly set his sights on delivering music that connects with everyone, and loyal listeners can agree that he's got something going for him. It seems talent does run in the family.

Name: Taylor Bennett

Age: 18

Hometown: Chicago, all day. I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago.

I grew up listening to: I grew up listening to so much different kind of music. I grew up listening to a lot of hip-hop, but I also grew up listening to a lot of alternative music like Sons of Lions, Death Cab for Cutie, Matt & Kim and Regina Spektor. I grew up just very versatile. I wrote my music and the music I listened to. I listened to The Beatles. Michael Jackson. Queen. Everybody. It's like crazy. The Smiths.

I grew up listening to Wayne on some hip-hop shit. One of my idols and one of my closet friends now - Twista. I grew up listening to Nas, N.W.A., Souls Of Mischief, The Pharcyde. Everybody. I was all-around: Biggie, 2Pac. I could go on for days.

Most people don't know: That I am trying to save my city. And it's not just me. It's my whole city, it's my whole generation. I just did a sold-out concert at Reggie's to promote anti-violence and donated enough profits to get kids of the block on the South Side of Roseland Community another month inside of a building. They've been kicked out 'cause they haven't had enough funds. I feel like enough people know that outside of Chicago. It's cool that a lot of people in Chicago know we are trying to fix it, we need everybody's helping hand.

My style's been compared to: Everyone. People have been like, "Man, you sound like Slim. Man, you sound like Wayne." Since like the past three years, I haven't really gotten anybody tell me like, "Man, you sound like ..." The way I've been in the studio, the way I find out how I want to create, it is just so original. When I was coming up as a kid, those were my favorite rappers. You know I had to spit some shit. I used to rhyme over instrumentals and all types of shit.

I've always had people that influenced my flows. Right now, I am really focused on making my own and making it different. You always gotta go back in the history of music to find out what you can create in the future. If it is worth something, we just make it work. You know, it's a collage. I am on it right now, trying to make the new new.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: "New Chevy" with King Louie dropped on MTV. That was a huge standout. Everybody goes crazy when we drop that. "SpeedRacer" was one of my first biggest hits. I did "Rolling With The Gods." I did "Demon Slayer." As of now, the big hit is definitely "New Chevy" that's got summer 2014 going crazy.

My best friend, Thelonious Stokes, he actually goes by Thelovism, he shot every single video for me since the beginning of time. He's been my best friend since like 7th grade. He's only 18 so he's just the same age as me, but we just getting up those hits.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: I'm just gonna be me. That's why my name is Taylor Bennett. I don't have a stage name or anything like that because when you listen to my music, you get 100 percent of me. The cool thing about always being yourself, always being true to what you think and what you feel is that there will never be another Taylor Bennett. There's only one me. That's how I am going to change the rap game, I am coming for it.

My overall goal is that it doesn't matter if its right here on this platform or in front of millions and millions of people is to give my fans an experience before they experience it so they know how to guide themselves through situations in life. That's the goal of my music. It's already being accomplished. I already have fans that are understanding what I am saying and they are coming to every show. They love my music. They love my work. Not so much they are my fans, but some of them have become my friends. I have DM conversations with them on Twitter and I do shout-outs.

I'm gonna be the next: Matter of fact - can I change the "next" to the "first?" I am going to be the first rapper to cover XXL  in my boxers.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@_TaylorBennett), SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Standout: "New Chevy" featuring King Louie

Also check out: "Demon Slayer"

And: "Rolling With The Gods"

Premiere: "Hatin'"