Standout: “Wikispeaks”

Also Check Out: “Comic/Snow Beach”

And: “1993” (Live)

Name: Ratking (Hak, Sporting Life, Wiki and Ramon)

Age: Undisclosed.

Our style and/or skills have been compared to: Kurt Vonnegut, Rockness, and DJ Dog Dick.

Our standout records and/or moments have been: The release of Wiki’s 1993 EP and every cipher Wiki and Hak have ever been in.

We’re gonna change the game by: Not changing the game, but then changing the game, and then changing it back.

We’d like to work with: Dr. Dre circa ’92, Tony Dapolito, and Spike Jonze.

Our goal in hip-hop is: Changing the game.

We’re gonna be the next: Carmelo Anthony.