The ATL collective Two-9 has all types of pockets of talent. Meet FatKidsBrotha, who are a duo of 20-somethings that have made some noise for their mixtape Eastside Paradise II. Come jump right in.

Standout: "Pusha"

Also check out: "Last Two Orgy"

And: "Miloh Smith"

Name: FatKidsBrotha (@DavEofFKB & @LIGHTSKINMAC11)

Ages: Dav.E (24), LSM11' (23)

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

We grew up listening to: Master P, Hot Boyz, Nelly, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg.

Most people don't know we: Are actually real blood brothers. We had to move from Detroit after the murders of both our fathers. So we're not technically from Atlanta but we've been here 10-plus years.

Our style's been compared to: The Neptunes as far as the sound and Clipse as far as a duo.

Our standout records and/or moments to date have been: "Drive Motherf**** Drive" is our most stand out song from Eastside Paradise II, and a standout moment was performing in front of 60k in Salt Lake City with Ludacris.

Our goal in Hip-Hop is: To show that we make OUR music. Despite any comparisons people may have they know and love the FKB sound and how distinctive it is from everything else.

We're gonna be the next: Best Duo to come out the south via Detroit.

To check out more of our music go to: Follow us on Twitter (@FAT_KIDS_BROTHA), Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram and our website.