MobSquad Nard is a young southern rapper who's trying to put Jacksonville on the map. After releasing "Right Ni" he emerged as a artist to keep an eye on. The song would end up grabbing Cinematic Music Group's founder Jonny Shipes' attention and later lead to Nard signing to the record label. Buzzing MC would capitalize on the momentum and released "Did Dat" featuring 21Savage and 1200 Yak plus "Lil Mo." Now with his debut project Everything Clean But Da Ashtray releasing on Feb. 5, it's time for the world to meet him.

"We going on tour with the Smokers Club this year," he told XXL over the phone. "It’s going down in 2016, I’mma let y'all see on TV"

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Name: MobSquad Nard

Age: 25

Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla.

I grew up listening to: I grew up listening to 2Pac, Mac Dre, Trick Daddy, Soulja Slim, Juvenile, B.G., Boosie, a lot of regional down south music; also Atlanta music, Goodie Mobb. I listen to a lot of regional music. What made me fall in love with hip-hop was probably 2Pac, the album right before he died. I was probably seven years old, but getting insight from my uncles, older people, they was telling me exactly what was going on and how it was going down. What [Tupac] was really rapping about it, spitting about in between the lines. You got to understand to know what he's talking about. That made me fall in love with it.

I really started taking rapping seriously when I got the motivation and people started pushing me. We just really used to make music in our spare time, just trying to get right at it and be great at it. When people started saying, "Oh that nice, y’all like some of the rawest.” I probably wouldn’t have been rapping if it wasn’t for my cousin and it wasn’t for my family the MobSquad. We stuck at it and we got good at it, real good at it. To the point where it was just a no brainer to who had the talent. It was just second nature.

My style has been compared to: I heard people compare my style to a couple people. One is a cat out of Chicago named Montana 300. I don’t think I sound like him but I can understand what they mean, because of the relentless. A lot of people say I sound like Boosie. I was influenced by Boosie. But I ain’t trying to say I’m biting, I just look up to the man, lyrics-wise.

Something people don’t know about me: It’s a lot of things most people don’t know. I’m a lefty, I don’t eat any meat. [Laughs] I’m just different man; I’m just special with this shit.

My standout record or moment to date: It’s going to be “Right Ni,” Me Lil T and Nephew. We had Hustle House Records, in Jacksonville, Fla. We were part of the record label; we were the young guns of the record label, Nephew and me. I had a track with Nephew on it, our in-house producer made the beat and we smashed it. They put it on an album and they spread it through the city and it caught a lot of people's attention, including Jonny Shipes. He came down to The Ville and gave his insight on how he felt about the record. He let me know how he felt about music personally and that was that. I was like 18 years old back then.

My goal in hip-hop is: I have small goals right now. I have major goals too but it’s just the small goals to bubble. I’m trying to get that check. Build my brand all the way up to the point where I’ll be worth my weight in gold, if not more. Just set the standards and put my city on the map. It’s stars out here and its been getting over looked for so long. I’m one of the many stars out here.

I’m the next: The next Master P. We going to open up this whole new can of worms. I’m finna to bust the door down like a real Mob leaders.

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Standout:Did Dat"

"Right Ni"


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