MobSquad Nard has been going hard all year. Now, the Jacksonville, Fla., native finally releases his latest project, Nardo DaVinci.

The 12-track album includes features from Boosie BadAzz, Starlito, Elevator Jay, Spitta and Nard's MobSquad affiliates.

The LP contains the previously released singles for "Itz Dat" featuring Boosie BadAzz, "Black Magic" featuring Starlito and the solo cut, "All Traps Closed." Production wise, Nard employed the likes of Zaytoven, Shawn T, Fames Sinatra, Drum Dummie and others.

XXL first got on he MSN wave a couple years back, before the release of his project, Everything Clean But Da Ashtray. "I’m trying to get that check," he told us. "Build my brand all the way up to the point where I’ll be worth my weight in gold, if not more. Just set the standards and put my city on the map. It’s stars out here and its been getting over looked for so long. I’m one of the many stars out here."

Listen to MobSquad Nard's latest project below.

MobSquad Nard's Nardo DaVinci Tracklist

1. "Tro" (prod. by HB Titan)
2. "Itz Dat" Feat. Boosie Badazz (prod. by Trigga T.)
3. "Bowl" Feat. MobSquad Lil Tee (prod by Zaytoven)
4. "Ain't FWU" (prod. by Fames Sinatra)
5. "All Traps Closed"(prod. by Fames Sinatra)
6. "Black Magic" Feat. Starlito (prod. by Shawn T)
7. "Jacktown" (prod. by Fames Sinatra)
8. "Can't Fool Me" Feat. MobSquad (prod. by Drum Dummie)
9. "BIDB" Feat. Spitta (prod. by Fames Sinatra)
10. "Fukk It Up" Feat. MobSquad Lil Tee (prod. by Drum Drummie)
11. "Peephole" Feat. MobSquad Snap Sosa (prod. by Fatality Beatz)
12. "LongLine" Feat. Elevator Jay (prod. by Fames Sinatra)

MobsquadNard via SoundCloud
MobsquadNard via SoundCloud

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