Two months after his sudden passing on March 24, the cause of Philadelphia battle rap legend Tech 9's sudden death has reportedly been revealed.

According to a report Philadelphia Magazine posted Wednesday afternoon (May 29), Alexander Balacki, who operates as Pennsylvania's Montgomery County deputy coroner, has ruled the rapper's death a suicide. He's determined that Tech 9's death was the result of a diphenhydramine overdose.

Confirming the rapper's death with XXL, Tech's friend,  Buttah From Da Block, said he didn't know the exact cause of his passing at the time. "Unfortunately we haven't fully figured the cause of death," Buttah said. "We are praying that it was natural causes. He had no signs of harm done to his body.”

Born Akhiym Mickens, Tech 9 had made a name for himself on the Ultimate Rap League battle rap circuit before he was pronounced dead at Meadowbrook, Pa.'s Holy Redeemer Hospital two months ago. He had also found himself in legal trouble two months before his passing.

After being arrested on child pornography and indecent assault charges on Jan. 5, Tech 9 was supposed to be arraigned for the charges on March 25, which is the day his friend revealed to the world that Tech had passed away. The Philly-based publication reports that Tech was facing allegations that he'd assaulted the daughter of his girlfriend at the time.

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