Eminem’s Best Live Performances
Live performances in hip-hop are a shaky subject to discuss, often resulting in conflicting opinions of what a “good” show actually consisted of. Where one rapper will orchestrate an entire production with their live shows—making them as cinematic as possible—another artist will stand on stage with a mic yelling, with their hype men friends yelling as well. Truth be t...
Proof Would Have Been 40 Years Old Today
Today would have marked the 40th birthday of Eminem's hype man and D12 member, Proof. Real name DeShaun Holton, Proof was a permanent staple of Detroit's underground rap scene in the 1990s. Rising to prominence with the Detroit rap collective, D12, Proof made a name for himself as a battle rapper in Detroit, earning early recognition as a rapper in The Source's famed "Unsigned Hype" col

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