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Stream Hodgy Beats’ Mixtape “Dena Tape 2″
Odd Future's Hodgy Beats gets his time to shine with his new Don Cannon-hosted mixtape, Dena Tape 2. With features, beats and guest appearances from Hit-Boy, Sap, Marvel Alexander and Odd Future teammates Domo Genesis and Left Brain Dena Tape 2 puts the current crop of West Coast young'ns …
Hodgy Beats “What’s Yours”
As Odd Future increasingly becomes a fixture in rap (and cartoons and culture and socks), one of its less visible members gets sharper, weirder--and better. In anticipation of his long-delayed DENA TAPE 2, Hodgy Beats drops off his new single, "What's Yours...
Hodgy Beats Announces Release Date For ‘Dena Tape 2′
Hodgy Beats, a member of Odd Future, announced last night (Nov. 25) via Twitter that he will be coming out with the sequel to the first Dena Tape released back in 2011.
Dena Tape 2 out February 2nd 2015!!! pic.twitter.com/DO5jbeilxo
— Hodgy Beats (@Niggurache) November 25, 2014
Dena Tape 2 …
MellowHype Create Very Few Memorable Moments On ‘INSA’
Is there any crew in the game that has perfected the art of the tag team like Odd Future has? The Golf Wang misfits have boasted subsidiary acts like EarlWolf, The Internet, & MellowHigh - among others, but none of those incarnations features as heavy traction as the duo of Hodgy Beats and L…
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Hodgy Beats “DLX”
Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats lets go of another loosie called “DLX.” Do it to the fullest, indeed. Check it out above.
Topaz Jones Featuring Hodgy Beats “Lap Of Luxury”
A day before the release of his debut project The Honeymoon Suite, Topaz Jones drops off a last-minute teaser featuring Odd Future affiliate Hodgy Beats. Frequent collaborator Thelonious Martin supplies lush production for the appropriately titled track...
Hip-Hop Loves Wild Animals
Our childhood fascination with wild animals never quite dissipates as we grow. The call of the wild is strong and there is nothing quite as beautiful as the diverse majesty of the animal kingdom. Rappers are no different. No matter how hard a rapper claims to be, nobody is immune to the sublime char…
There’s Something About Being A Scorpio In Hip-Hop
As many rappers happen to be Scorpios, there seems to be something about that time of the year that makes for a good MCs. With Drake, ScHoolboy Q, Future, and B.o.B all born in that time frame, one can't help but wonder if rapping simply comes easy to Scorpios...
MellowHigh Put Out New “Extinguisher” Video
MellowHigh—Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Left Brain of Odd Future—dropped the new visuals for "Extinguisher" this morning ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album this Thursday (Halloween). The video is about as Odd Future as it gets: a crew of OFWGKTA guys hanging out smoking…

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