Ta'East is starting to gain some recognition and hopes to continue that trend with his "WithTheShit" music video. The Kentucky-born, California-bred rapper uses the visual to explore the monotony in life.

"The concept of the 'WithTheShit' visual is true to life, in a sense it's art imitating life," he told Pigeons and Planes. "I was at a period in life when I was doing something that I didn't want to do and it was like a dark presence following me until I realized I needed to step into my purpose. When Jerome decided to come on board to shoot the visual, he understood the concept of the record and nailed it."

While the video's concept is interesting on its own, Ta'East's rhymes are a major attraction here. The San Diego rapper really shines on the track's second verse.

“This that shit that you dream on, cry on/Bleed on, die on, we don't smile on/They hate it, but they sign on/Coulda sworn I was the greatest/Like Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan/Military's no option/Neither is offices of boxing shit/I'd robbed some shit/Stand off with officers/Off the rip 'fore I stop and sit/But stop by my microphone to talk this shit/Slide by my ex's job to stop and shit/I'd park the whip, get out and talk a bit/Awesome shit, like how life often is,” Ta’East raps.

"WithTheShit" appears on Ta'East's Okay, I'm Ready EP, which dropped in December. You can cop the project right now on iTunes.

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