T-Pain is starring in a new commercial for BMW Mini that is scheduled to run during the Super Bowl. This advertisement for the Mini Clubman, which you can watch below, sees a variety of famous faces explaining how the new car defies labels. Some of the other notable celebrities involved are Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, Tony Hawk, Randy Johnson and Harvey Keitel.

In addition to the commercial, MINI USA has also released a series of videos with everyone featured in commercial. The videos highlight how each person defied the labels. In his feature, T-Pain speaks on the labels he's been given over the years.

"I've definitely been labeled before," T-Pain says. "Some of my labels include talentless, ghetto, a gimmick. I've overcome those labels by somewhat embracing them. Those labels motivate me in a way that no one can describe."

Later in the video, T-Pain explains that the labels are irrelevant as they cannot stop his grind. T-Pain states that he's defied all labels and moved past them.

"Having defied all these labels and gotten rid of them, let people known that they mean nothing," T-Pain says. "If you dig deep into T-Pain, you will know that there is no label. There is no way to keep me down. So I rise from the ashes and boom! Suck it!"

The Mini Clubman ad "Defy Labels" is scheduled to run during the third quarter of Sunday's (Feb. 7) big game.

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