What's the point of a booty if not to make music?

T-Pain has never been shy about his love for the female backside, and now he's bringing that love to mobile devices. Pain's label, Nappy Boy, yesterday released Booty Symphony, an Android app allows users conduct 30-second music videos from “Booty Soundboards” based on songs from the Nappy Boy catalog. Asses will be shaking on the screen, and each time you tap one, a new sound and visual is added to the mix. You can also upload your own videos to the soundboard.

Yes, this is serious.

“Smartphones have given people an incredible amount of computing power, but until now, this power has been wasted,” says creator the app, Sakinah LeStage. “America is thirsty for an app that finally does something useful. If Booty Symphony doesn’t satiate that thirst, 1,000 cans of Booty Sweat sure will.”

The free Android version is available at GetJar, while the premium version is can be copped on the Android Market for $2.99.

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