In the last year or so, T.I. has become one of the most politically active rappers in the game, and one of President Obama's biggest supporters. Now that it's growing closer to Barry O's time to step down, Tip has something to say.

The Atlanta rapper will be penning a series of open letters to the exiting pres, Donald Trump and the American people for  The New York Times.

The whole idea behind the letters is to "try to be a voice for the people who may be thinking of something to say but, for some reason, may not be able to say it or not have the platform to say it," according to the US or Else MC.

First up is Obama, who the Kang addressed on Friday (Jan 6.).

"As I reflect, I am filled with gratitude, outrage, grief, anger, humility and appreciation, both for the things you helped bring to light and the many things we still have yet to realize," T.I. writes. "For years you fought to keep this nation from the very thing we have now become.

"For years, many of US failed you because, as I’ve said before, we were not all ready for the change you wanted to bring about. But rest assured that we heard you. Rest assured that we felt you and rest assured that your legacy will live on long after your presidency."

You can read the letter in its entirety, here.

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