The Swet Shop Boys are shedding light on racial profiling. Heems and Riz Ahmed accomplish this by dropping a music video for their single "T5." The track and video address a common theme of the Swet Shop Boys' upcoming album Cashmere.

"This stuff has been on our minds for a long time, since we were kids. I suffered many experiences, violent and verbal, racism and every different kind," Riz told XXL about the content. "This is a part of everyday reality of people of color. I think sometimes the news cycle focuses on it more than the other times. So right now this is a hot issue. We’re talking about xenophobia and Donald Trump and Black Lives Matter, but Black Lives Matter is 400 years old. Xenophobia is as old as the crusades. These are things that we’re brought up [with] and we always rapped about this stuff because it’s just part of our reality and we feel like it needs to be made visible and needs to be represented in the culture."

The Swet Shop Boys not only want to expose some harsh realities, but also be an inspiration to young people of South Asian heritage.

"Kids from our community, they need stuff to look up to, they need some kind of aspiration and it’s not being offered to them in an economy that only favors the privileged and a society that doesn’t value the people of color," Riz said. "They are going to start looking towards radicalism and we see that, you know? There are other people that can kind of embrace their brownness but do it with dignity and make a success of themselves, you don’t have to go to Syria."

The Swet Shop Boys' Cashmere is scheduled to drop on Oct. 14. You can pre-order it now on iTunes.

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