Are the people you call friends really your comrades? Do they know everything there is to know about you? Your favorite restaurant? Your go-to saying? Your favorite entertainer? If they don’t, then they’re most likely not your real friends. There’s an overflow of counterfeit friendships out here, especially in the entertainment business. XXL created a game to put one of hip-hop’s most regarded friendships to the test. Packed with questions about everyday life that their fans aren’t privy to and only the people in their inner circle would know, XXL presents Real Friends with Ruby Da Cherry and $lick Sloth, also known as $crim, of the $uicideboy$.

In the latest Real Friends episode, Ruby and $lick, who are actually cousins, showcase their hilarious personalities as both New Orleans natives test how well they know each other through a series of questions. Watch as $crim tries to guess Ruby’s favorite movie of all time as well as his favorite punk band. Then Ruby attempts to guess $lick’s favorite Lil Wayne song and favorite New Orleans rap album.

In 2014, Ruby and $crim decided to join forces to create the $uicideboy$. A year later, the duo released a slew of projects including the 10-part series, Kill Your$elf. Bringing to the game a unique sound that meshes horror trap music with druggy rhymes, the group has been able to successfully build a huge fan base of their own. This week, they'll release their Kill Yourself Part XI-XV EP, featuring new tracks "Venom" and "New Chains, Same Shackles."

Check out Ruby Da Cherry and $crim of the $uicideboy$ test their friendship in XXL’s Real Friends above. And in case you missed out on our previous Real Friends video with Starlito and Don Trip here.

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