After a turbulent past few years, Cee-Lo Green hopes to get back in the public's good graces with his new album, Heart Blanche. Before sexual battery charges and his insane definition of rape that he decided to share on Twitter, Cee-Lo was one of the biggest stars of the 2000's. His run culminated in 2010 with the The Lady Killer album and its inescapable hit single, "Fuck You." Now back with 15 new tracks, Cee-Lo hopes to regain his status as a go-to hitmaker.

The Goodie Mob member does not have the powerhouse single like the aforementioned "Fuck You," or "Crazy," the massive single he dropped with Danger Mouse, dominating the airwaves but he does have enough musical clout to give this one a listen. Cee-Lo will be making a big media run soon so be sure to catch him on late night television or on morning talk shows depending on the hours you keep. Stream Heart Blanche via Spotify below.

1. Heart Blanche Intro
2. Est. 1980’s
3. Mother May I
4. Working Class Heroes (Work)
5. Tonight
6. Robin Williams
7. Sign Of The Times
8. Green Sings The Blues
9. Music To My Soul
10. Race Against Time
11. Better Late Than Never
12. Smells Like Fire
13. Purple Hearts (Soldier Of Love)
14. Thorns
15. The Glory Games