Boogie releases his latest project, The Reach. 

The 12-track mixtape, which dropped yesterday (June 24), came a year after his debut tape, Thirst 48, and on his son's birthday. Rising Compton singer D'Anna Stewart is the only one to make a guest appearance on the tape. Their song, "Make Me Over" dropped just last week. Mike Zombie, Jahlil Beats, Keyel, Dart, Willie B, AC and more all have a hand in the eclectic production. His sound is rather memorable, with catchy lines about both heavy and light themes. Being father clearly influences Boogie's music, as it plays a major part all over the the project as well.

The Compton native's popular track, "Oh My," which was produced by Jahlil Beats, is also featured on the new project. Now that The Reach is out, we can expect for the 25-year old rapper to get back in the studio. Prior to the mixtape release he told XXL that he's getting back to work immediately after the tape dropped. He also spoke to us about his style and why it's different for the rest.

"I never compare myself to rappers," he said. "That’s kind of weird to me. I let people do that. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t. Somebody compare me to a soulful artist, I go with it. I hear a lot of Chance The Rapper and Kendrick Lamar. The most famous line, “He’s in between Chance and Kendrick.” [Laughs] They’re great artists and I don’t have a problem with it, but at the same time I’m way different."

Learn more about the rising spitta from the West Coast on The Break and stream The Reach below.