Stormzy is taking over the overseas music world and has had a monumental year of success after scoring a No. 1 album on the U.K. charts. Now, the United Kingdom hip-hop artist is sharing his success with a student who has been seeking higher education at Harvard University in the U.S.

21-year-old Fiona Asiedu set up an online campaign on Crowdfunder, where she asked for donations to fund her courses for her Masters degree at the Ivy League school. She needed to raise £12,000, which converts to $15497.52 in U.S. currency, in total for the feat, and was able to do so thanks to a generous donation of £9,000 from an anonymous contributor, who turned out to be Stormzy.

Stormzy initially made the donation under his government name Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Junior, but later changed it to say "anonymous." A representative for the rapper confirmed to BBC News that it was indeed he who made the donation. Stormzy apparently learned of Asiedu's fundraiser over the weekend, helping her to meet her goal just 24 hours after she launched the campaign on May 14.

When Asiedu's Crowdfunder goal was almost reached, she tweeted a message thanking everyone and referencing a Stormzy song. She later hit him up on Twitter to take him to Nando's for a free meal. He responded, "Deal!"

It's great to see rappers contributing towards their fans' higher educations. Earlier this month, Nicki Minaj paid off the tuitions and student loan debts of multiple fans, leading her to plan a charity that can continue to help other fans with college payment.

See the exchange between Fiona and Stormzy after his donation below.

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