As Stormzy is now learning the hard way, the Internet is forever, and it rarely forgets.

The U.K. grime rapper has found himself under fire for a series of tweets he posted in his past, with the earliest dating back to 2011 and the most recent posted in 2014.

Stormzy, who recently reached out to help a fan who had lied to his mother about the pair collaborating together, addressed the offensive and homophobic remarks he made as a teenager in a series of posts on Twitter.

The tweets, which have since been deleted, used homophobic slurs, with fans of the Gang Signs and Prayer MC expressing their disappointment in the artist.

“I said some foul and offensive things whilst tweeting years ago at a time when I was young and proudly ignorant,” Stormzy said, addressing the situation on Twitter. “Very hurtful and discriminative views that I’ve unlearned as I’ve grown up and become a man..”

He then admits the comments he made were “unacceptable and disgusting, full stop,” as well as explains that the “homophobic language [he] used was, embarrassingly, a part of [his] vocabulary when [he] was younger.”

Offensive and inexcusable tweets aside, Stormzy, now 24, also has a bit of a curious relationship with social media, habitually deleting his accounts while he works on new music.

Take a look at Stormzy’s apology for his homophobic tweets in full in the gallery below.

See Stormzy Apologize for Old Homophobic Tweets

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