Now that Stefflon Don has reached fame, she's making sure to move with caution to protect herself and her family. Despite her more private mind state, the English rapper says that her son wants to embrace her fame during his time in school.

During an interview for her cover shoot for ES Magazine she spoke on a slew of topics, but addressing her son's response to her success is certainly a highlight. Don reveals that her son, who she gave birth to when she was just 17 years old, wants to be dropped off at school by her personally so that he can show her off. Unfortunately for him, she would prefer to keep some of the celebrity chaos away from his daily lifestyle.

"He wants me to drop him at school so he can show me off. I’m like: 'I’m not doing that.' So usually I go with my PA and let her walk him in," she explains.

The "Hurtin' Me" star even says that there was once a play day at school that was hosted in a local park that she attended, and things got pretty crazy amongst her son's friends.

"All the kids wanted their picture taken with me," she admits.

Also during her interview with the magazine, Stefflon reveals the advice that Drake gave her before she blew up. If you recall, she has been working in the studio with Drizzy and the two have created together in the past.

"I remember having a conversation with Drake just before I signed," she continues. "He said: 'Make sure that whatever you do your opponent is scared of you.' That really stuck with me."

Stefflon Don is currently in contention to land a spot on the 2018 XXL Freshman cover, and just dropped a new track with Ne-Yo and Bebe Rexha called "Push Back."

Be sure to read her full interview over at ES Magazine.

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