For nearly seven years listeners have turned to SoundCloud for uninterrupted music. Unlike Pandora, Spotify and a list of other music streamers SoundCloud has had no commercials, but that will soon change. In order to help artists profit from the platform, it plans to implement a new form of advertisement.

According to CNET, SoundCloud has inked a licensing deal with various entertainment companies that will now introduce 30-second audio commercials. Users will has to choice to skip at the 15-second mark and potentially all together once the company launches paid subscriptions.

The push of advertisement is said to be due to pressure from record labels. SoundCloud recently was in the works of closing deals with some major music labels such as  Sony, Universal and Warner.

With the addition, Jeff Toig, Chief Business Officer, claims artists will benefit financially and musically. Creators will choose some or all of their uploaded content to run with ads.

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