On Saturday (March 17), Smokepurpp found himself in an altercation with producer Beats by Saif at SXSW after the social media spammer asked Smoke for the $2,000 he was allegedly duped out of. Now, Smokepurpp is telling his side of the story and detailing what Saif's video didn't show.

According to Purpp, the $2,000 that Saif sent him was actually the result of a scam by someone who hacked the rapper's Twitter account. "First of all, a verse from me is $25,000—$2,000 won't even get you ad-libs," the rapper said during his Instagram Live session.

Purpp also says Saif was acting fake tough on social media and the video he uploaded of of the producer confronting him doesn't show what really went down. "This nigga comes up to me like, 'Yo, Purpp, I just wanna apologize all that,'" the rapper said. "This nigga comes up to me as I'm outside, talkin' 'bout, 'Purpp, I'm so sorry bro. I don't want no beef. I'm so sorry bro. It was all a misunderstanding,'" he continued.

That's when Purpp says he grabbed the producer by his shirt, which can be seen in the video and tells Saif, "I should beat your ass right now." The rapper says he lifted Saif by his shirt, although the video shows the producer was able to run away before things escalated any further.

Saif eventually offered his own explanation of the incident, saying he originally went up to Purpp hoping to put their differences behind them. The producer says Purpp was fronting when he asked who he was but when the rapper tried to fight him, Saif says he dipped at the advice of Purpp's security guard. The producer has become infamous on Twitter for spamming rapper's tweets with his beats. But according to Saif, his latest run-in with Smokepurpp wasn't for clout or money.

Check out Smokepurpp explaining what went down below.

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