Smoke DZA is riding high after dropping his Dream.ZONE.Achieve project earlier this month and has been on a heavy promo ever since. During an interview with VladTV, DZA had a lot to say about the current state of New York hip-hop.

During a show in Brooklyn last year, Trinidad Jame$ claimed that Atlanta was running the New York hip-hop scene. DZA, who proudly represents New York everywhere he goes, revealed that he reached out to the “All Gold Everything” MC and his comments lit a fire under the city’s music landscape.

“At the time that all that shit was happening, it was just, niggas was using New York as a doormat,” Smoke DZA said. “It was cool to certain people for that to happen because it was bringing light on the city. But for the people that’s actually in the city moving and shaking and busting they ass, I felt offended like anybody else. I spoke to Trinidad about that over the telephone...That’s the homie. But it definitely lit a fire under everybody in New York’s ass including mines.”

Later on in the interview, DZA was asked if he was better than every other rapper in New York right now to which Smoke responded, “Definitely. None of these niggas ain’t fucking with me...As of right now, in the crop of what’s going on right now, I’m the best. I got the best album out. Best rapper. Best dressed. Smell better than these niggas. All of that.”

Check the full clip below—Peter Walsh


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