Smino's got some retro heat coming to Apple Music and Spotify. On Monday (July 31), the St. Louis, Mo. artist used his Twitter account to announce he's releasing some of his older singles on streaming services, with "Menu" being the first streaming service "release." Peep his tweet for yourself below.

In his Tweet, Smino wrote, "I'm making all my older music available to stream errwhere this week. Today is for 'MENU'. #SmiHive already hip. Lol." The first track he dropped was "Menu," on Tuesday (Aug. 1) he dropped "Ciabatta." On Wednesday (Aug. 2) he drops "Smellin Like a Re-Up" and on Thursday he'll drop "Kompany."

Most of these new additions to music services predate blkswn, which we named one of the 25 best projects of 2017 so far. Still, it clearly features everything that makes the rapper a special talent. In pretty much any track you hear from Smino, you'll hear a bouncy, animated flow and musicality he derived from different musical genres. Speaking with us last year, Smino offered up a description of his sound.

“I say my sound is more futuristic funk, rap funk,” he explained. “If people or if I would compare my sound to any art that has came out before, I would Dungeon Family-esque. But now a days if they were inspired by the shit that is coming out now; soulful rappy shit.”

Check out Smino's "old" singles on iTunes below.

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