On Monday (April 16), Smino delivered a new track via SoundCloud despite the fact that he's currently pretty tied up on an international tour.

The rapper took to Twitter early that morning to announce Creative Director Nosidam would be releasing his latest single "Home Invaders," featuring Bari of Zero Fatigue. Later that afternoon, Nos tweeted the link to a nondescript SoundCloud page titled FINDdeMUSIC, which is the host of Smino and Bari's Phoelix-produced cut.

"Home Invaders" opens with a screwed chorus from Smino, who describes a lustful woman he's involved with for the night. "This that cold flow, smoke ho, bad bitch cutthroat/Club for the night, woah, nympho, ten fold/Don't care, long hair, coat fur, chauffeur/Oh, just smoked/We gon smoke on the way there," he melodically spits.

A short while after "Home Invaders" was released, Nos urged Smino fans to follow the SoundCloud page. "Never know what else might be on there in the next few days," he tweeted, hinting at more tracks from the St. Louis native.

The "Wild Irish Roses" spitter is currently on his Kouple Drillz Tour with Monte Booker, with shows booked in Asia and Australia. Smino will return to the states to perform in May and June, where he'll appear in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles respectively. At the end of August, the "Anita" star will have another set in New York City at the 2018 Afropunk Festival, scheduled for Aug. 25-26.

Stay tuned for more from Smino, and listen to "Home Invaders" below.

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