Masta Killa came out last night (December 11) to celebrate the release of his latest album Selling My Soul. The Wu-Tang veteran better known as Jamel Irief, celebrated the release at Club Drom in New York City's East Village. The Brooklynite (by way of Shaolin) hit the stage and reminded his fans that he can still mutilate a track and do it to perfection; or as he puts it: "master kill shit."

It's been nearly six years since Killa dropped his last album, Made In Brooklyn, and Selling My Soul fills a void that seems to be overlooked quite often in hip-hop. Irief tells XXL, "Certain things is seasonal, you know what I mean? The type of music that I was putting together, I was in a soulful chamber and it just seemed like that's what was missing from the art of hip-hop and just the world, period." He adds, "It just seemed to fit the time, so I gave them soul and substance. A part of me is selling my soul."

The album release party brought together fans from near and far while DJ P.F. Cuttin blessed the 1s and 2s with Wu-Tang classics before Killa got on the mic to new album cuts "Are You Listening," "Things Just Ain't The Same" and a snippet of 9th Wonder-produced "Food."

Although none of the tracks off the project were produced by Wu-Tang's front man Rza, Irief says that his brothers are always influencing him and his music. He tells XXL that he is always interacting with his fellow Clan members and they are in the midst of working on a future collaboration together. Killa says, "We're [Wu-Tang] definitely starting to get the ingredients together for the next pot of soup. You can definitely expect something [new] from the Wu." —Chanel Clark (@ChanellyJelly)

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