There's a reason why Slum Village has been around for so long. The unwavering group's collection of great music is eternal, and they know how to liven up a crowd during shows, as proven last night (September 20) at S.O.B's.

After instructing the intimate crowd to put a peace sign in the air for the late J Dilla and Baatin, Slum led off with classic cuts from their earlier days, before Illa J and Young RJ were a part of the trio. First songs off their hour-long set were: "Untitled/Fantastic," "Tainted," "Fall In Love," "Conant Garden" and "The Look of Love." Smooth records to rouse up the mature turnout, producing that "grown and sexy" feel T3 was going for.

"What's up, New York?" T3 demanded attention from the cheering crowd. "What's going on? Now, that we got warmed up, can we keep this going? I guess we can keep it going, J."

Slum certainly did kept the movement forward, transitioning to the banger "Reppin'" off their latest effort The Dirty Slums. The Detroit trio switched it back to previous tracks like "Get Dis Money" before performing "Climax," during which featured Illa singing the end—to the female spectators' delight. Not long after "2U 4U," Illa would do it again with "Closer."

While Young RJ was setting up another record to perform, various requests were yelled out from the audience. "Mulitply!" "Selfish!" T3 jokingly replied, "It might be one of those." The original Slum member continued teasing, placing his microphone on the stand, as Illa stepped aside, as if he was going to sing falsetto uninterruptedly. As T3 began, chuckles were murmured, quickly followed by the beat to "Selfish," triggering the chuckles to cheers and arm waves.

Prior to Slum Village hitting the stage, Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, the host of the event, joked about how he has been waiting for Nicki Minaj's boyfriend or Power 105.1's Charlamagne to confront him. Kid Daytona and J Pinder both hit the stage soon after Rosenberg's quips, with Seattle's Pinder showcasing dominant stage presence after performing "Never No," "Big Homie Style," "Dream Killers" and more, including the unreleased record "Illuminate."

"I could get it back, I could blow a stack, this is what they taught me, the ignorance in rap/This is where they lost me, the music's where I found me, too smart for my own good and everyone around me," Pinder spit an acappella verse to close his set short, but impactful set. —Christopher Minaya (@CM_3)