On Monday May 6, the East Coast made a Westside connection at the Gramercy Theatre with a performance from XXL Freshman Class of 2012 alum Kid Ink.

The opening act of the night - Queens representative Bryant Dope - properly prepped the stage before Ink completely demolished it. Bryant hit the stage at 8:30 PM for a set that began earlier than most hip hop heads are accustomed. Taking to the mic 15 minutes later than expected, he wasted no time gaining attention of the packed crowd.

“Come on, bounce!” Dope implored, inciting the first real reactions from the crowd that night. While the young and enthusiastic audience awkwardly bumped and grinded along to the DJ, the venue wasn't quite popping until Bryant made his entrance. Obviously in alliance with the undeniable force of the Beast Coast, his lyrical content quickly grabbed the crowd’s attention, including the group of devoted fans in front singing along verbatim. The crowd's favorite renditions included Dope's “Everything Gorgeous” and his latest singles “Generation Y” and “ANTHM” off his recent New New York tape. The Queens MC’s energy lit the room and easily intrigued a few newfound fans.

Following Bryant Dope's set, Kid Ink erupted on stage with an electrifying performance, arriving at the very moment some audience members became visibly antsy. Powering through a climatic 18-track set in only 40 minutes, he fittingly kicked off the performance with “Firestorm” from his latest mixtape RocketShipShawty. From the crowd rushing to the front barrier for his song “La La La” to a shared smoke session with a fan during “Lost in the Sauce,” it’s safe to say that Kid Ink gave a mesmerizing performance. Other notable moments include Ink pouring water on the crowd during “What It Do” and adoring fans losing control after he tossed out his shirt before tearing through “Tat It Up.”

“Every time I come out here, I have a great time,” Kid Ink said minutes before jumping into the sea of fans in front of him. Signing hats, dollar bills, tickets and anything else fans could grab, the show appeared to come to an abrupt end as his Alumni Affiliate, DJ Tech, began to run through a set of the latest radio hits. With some unsure whether Kid Ink was taking a break, it became clear that the show had ended by the time Kid Ink returned to the stage to grab his belongings.

Still, few attendees left the venue disappointed. - Written By Jasmine "Jazzi" Johnson (@bubbleMAMI)