yungjoc.jpg"I came from the nuts of a hustler," declares Yung Joc, a.k.a. Jasiel Robinson, lounging comfortably in an office recliner at the auto detailing shop–turned–Atlanta headquarters of Block Enterprises. "Hustling is embedded in me." If being business savvy is a Robinson family trait, then the 23-year-old A-Town native is indeed a living legacy. The son of an entrepreneur, Joc, at age 7, sold his father’s line of air fresheners at local car washes. By age 13, he had gone from peddling fruity scents to making money in the drug game, and at 18 was earning $48,000 a year as a crane operator for a railroad company. "Everything I do, I’m always the youngest to do it," says Joc. "If I believe in something, I’ma go hard at it."

Eventually, the ambitious youth focused his endeavors on the music business. In 2000, he got a job at Raw Deal Records writing rap lyrics for the label’s artists, including a female MC named Miss B (formerly Ms. B’Havin), whose local hit "Bottle Action" featured a hook cowritten by Joc. Through his new gig Joc was introduced to "Bottle Action" producer Nitti (the tracker behind Boyz N Da Hood’s 2005 banger "Dem Boyz"), who gave Joc the beat for his breakout hit, "It’s Goin Down." The song smashed Southern streets late last year and caught the attention of Block Enterprises CEO Russell "Block" Spencer, who helped launch the careers of Young Jeezy and BNDH. Block immediately arranged to see Yung Joc perform at a local talent showcase, and signed the charismatic rapper two days later.
His debut, New Joc City, will be the first release from the multimillion-dollar deal between Bad Boy South, Warner Music Group and Block Enterprises. "He has a real superstar shine for a young cat," says his new label boss Diddy. "It’s almost like he’s been here and did it…like he’s already sold a million records."

Call it a hustler’s ambition if you will, but Joc isn’t phased by the music industry’s expectations. "When you put God first, you don’t have much to worry about," he maintains. "I’m gonna do my thing regardless."