On Monday (Oct. 17), TMZ reported that Shawty Lo had pills on him at the time of his tragic car accident in September. Now, the "Dey Know" rapper's daughter is speaking out.

Shawty Lo's daughter took to Instagram and posted a video saying, "How you finna be all up in our family business? What does it matter if my dad did have pills in his car? That's none of y'all business." She also addressed a report saying that the two women in the car stole money from Shawty Lo's pockets after the crash. Lo's daughter says, "Everybody a fool if they believe all that about how the police allowed [the girls] to take his money. All I can say is mind y'all freakin' business."

You can watch the video above via Instagram. The “I'm Da Man” rapper’s cause of death was blunt force to the head from the crash, which ejected him from the vehicle. During the autopsy, the Fulton County Medical Examiner also found a prescription bottle on him labeled “promethazine.” However, the container held Percocet and Vicodin pills, not syrup. The medical examiner also tells TMZ that the body bag emitted a strong smell of alcohol.

In case you missed it, there's a new petition calling for an Atlanta street to be named after Shawty Lo. The petition's description states, “What better way to honor this extraordinary man then to rename the street in which he grew up on and a community that he never left behind even after his success! Bankhead Hwy aka Donald Lee Hollowell is a thing of the past. Sign the petition as we welcome the new Atlanta street name Carlos R. Walker Pkwy.”


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