Longtime Houston record store and cultural landmark Screwed Up Records & Tapes is facing eviction from its small Houston location.

According to the Houston Press, the shop’s landlord, Dr. Pondexter, wants to reclaim the space leased to the record store to expand his dental practice.

An eviction judge ruled that Pondexter has the right to do so, but Screwed Up has appealed the decision and currently awaits a new court date. "Everyone's heartbroken about it," Screwed Up caretaker Big Bub told the Houston Press. "People are aggravated, but we're still trying to stay positive."

Bub says Pondexter first raised the issue shortly after shop founder DJ Screw passed in 2000, and has mentioned it periodically since that time.

Screwed Up owners have reportedly offered Pondexter $100,000 to buy the shack, which Pondexter declined. —Lauren Carter