Update (Feb. 26, 7:12 p.m. EST):

After Q sent a fan the hoodie, he even went so far as to go visit her. Peep the pic below.

Original Story:

Schoolboy Q made an injured fan's day by giving her the Girl Power hoodie he wore to the 2017 Grammy Awards. The TDE rapper's generosity was sparked by a diehard Schoolboy Q fan, who posted about a car accident she got in that left her in a wheelchair. Despite her dire circumstances, the fan refused to let medics cut her Schoolboy Q sweater.

"They told me they needed to cut up my sweater but I wouldn't let them," the fan wrote on Instagram. "Even with my fractured ribs I somehow made myself strip this piece of clothing to save it."

When the story came to Schoolboy Q's attention, he chose to brighten up the injured fan's day with a gift.

"How bout I send u 3 sweaters?? Also I'll send you tHe "GIRL POWER" HOODY I WORE AT THA GRAMMYS!!!" Q wrote in comments of his fan's post." "Ima Have my ppl get ya info for me..... get well youngin."

The young lady was stunned that Q actually reached out to her. She made a follow-up post thanking her favorite rapper for being so kind.

"I LOVE YOU! From all of the pain, challenges, tears and everything else that has brought me down from my accident this by far has brought me up the highest," she wrote. "Thank you for noticing me, being the person and artist you are, and making great art for your fans. Xo your biggest fan💙."

Check out the exchange between Groovy Q and the fan below.

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