NPR tapped Pivot Gang's Saba for their latest Tiny Desk Concert. Per usual, the Care for Me lyricist doesn't disappoint.

After performing the album's intro, "Busy/Sirens," the rapper takes a moment to introduce his crew. After everyone clapped for TheMind and Kaina, who appears on "Fighter," Saba noted that there was a particularly special vocalist performing with him. "This one's special, 'cause you're not gonna believe me when I say it," he started. "This is Chandler, my father." It was a proud moment, to say the least.

Saba then went on to shout out keyboardists Daoud and daedaePIVOT, who, with him, co-produced the entire project. He was also assisted by Noah Frank, Cheflee and Brandon Farmer on the trumpet, bass and drums, respectively, as they performed "Logout," sans Chance The Rapper, and the closing track, "Heaven All Around Me."

Afterwards, they closed out with an a cappella version of "Life." "Tell 'em I'll be okay when they ask, 'How's my day?' Tell 'em that we the same," Saba raps. Care for Me was named one of XXL's best hip-hop projects of the year so far back in August. On it, Saba grapples with the death of his cousin who was stabbed last year as he got off the train in their hometown of Chicago.

Before embarking on an international tour later this year, the "Ace" rhymer will be headlining the second annual John Walt Day in honor of his slain cousin on Nov. 24.

Watch Saba's performance in full below.

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