Saba closed out 2016 in a big way by dropping his Bucket List Project. The Chicago rapper had the opportunity to promote his latest work yesterday (Jan. 12) during appearance on Sway in the Morning. Saba got a chance to display his freestyle abilities when Sway had him spit over Vic Mensa's "Orange Soda," which begins around the 37-minute mark of the above video.

"If I die today, my phone'll stop ringing/Like Halloween or it's hell, I got demons/They faking or fighting, it's not real, John Cena/Tell 'em I'm the man, little did they known, Val Venis/Rap Venus demeanor/Fuck a page up, my penis paints a picture from Pluto/I'm on future shit that few chose/Kudos and poodles, little dogs/I'm a bit appalled that I'm not unanimously called the best, but I'm not bitter, dog," Saba raps.

Earlier on, Saba recounted the story of how he got his rap moniker. The "GPS" spoke about the origins of the name, which caused him a little embarrassment.

"It's kind of corny. It's kind of embarrassing where the name came from," Saba said with a smile. "I love it now, but I've been in music for a really long time. Like I started, I was probably eight or nine, and my real name is Tahj. I use to go by the name Sabotage. I used to think it was so cool. Once I got to high school and stuff, everybody just started calling me Saba anyway, and it kind of just stuck."

Check out the entire interview with Saba for more information about his musical journey. Make sure to give his Bucket List Project a listen if you have not already.

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