With anticipation circulating around Wu-Tang Clan's forthcoming album A Better Tomorrow, in a recent interview with the New York Times RZA revealed he's expecting to lose $500,000 on the new album. When asked about paying out of pocket for the album (i.e studio time, musicians, etc), RZA was very upfront about how deep he actually had to dig in his pockets to invest in the A Better Tomorrow. He also explained why it was so important for him and other members to fund the album themselves.

"Everything. And I won’t recoup," he said. "I’m already overbudget. Maybe I’ll net out a half-million-dollar loss. I invested in the album. Look, if I never did anything again in music, it wouldn’t affect my life materially. I live a very satisfying life. Not because I’ve made a few dollars, but because I have a wife who loves me and children who wait for me to come home. And that is beautiful. I think that’s the American dream: to be at peace at home."

A Better Tomorrow is set for release on Dec. 2.

[New York Times]

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