In the past week, Wu-Tang members RZA and Raekwon have shown their verbal artistry expands much further than a musical note. Today, RZA revealed there might not be A Better Tomorrow album if Raekwon doesn’t come to a final decision in 30 days.

"The album is slated to come out in July," said RZA in an interview with Stereogum. "If we don't come to terms within the next 30 days, then this will have to be an album without Raekwon or an album that never sees the light of day. That's a very strong potential.”

The two have been at odds with each other and the upcoming album, due to disagreeing notions surrounding their contributions to the album. In a recent interview Raekwon discussed RZA’s non-existent presence in the current music game, “As far as the RZA, I respect him, I love him – the love ain’t gonna go anywhere – but you’re not in the music world no more.”

RZA went on to tell Stereogum why having all available members of the clan is important to him.

"I would never want to put out a Wu-Tang album without every member available," continued RZA. "At the same time, I don't want the fans to not have this incredible music we've been working on for the last year. So that's going to be a tough decision, but we have about 30 days to make that decision and come to that conclusion."

At this point, there’s no telling how this ordeal will turn out, but hopefully for the fans’ sake they’ll come to an agreement that pleases everyone.-Morgan Murrell

Watch the interview below:

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