Embattled R&B singer R.Kelly was found not guilty on all counts of child pornography, the Associated Press is reporting.Kelly was charged with 14 counts of child pornography and could have faced up to 15 years in prison.A jury, however, found the singer not guilty, six years after he first came under fire when a sex tape was discovered by a Chicago newspaper.The infamous tape allegedly featured Kelly performing lewd sexual acts with an underage female. Various witness identified the singer, the teen girl, and the location the sex tape was filmed when it was screened in the court room. But now Kelly is free from all legal burdens surrounding the tape.The alleged victim at the center of the controversy is now 23-years-old, but had long claimed she was not the purported woman on the tape. Relatives of the woman testified in court that it was her, as did neighbors. At the time the tape was recorded, prosecutors pushed she could have been as young as 13. But in the end it was not enough.A second woman, who prosecutors trotted out as their star witness, took the stand in an emotional testimony and revealed she engaged in sexual activities together with Kelly and the underage woman. But Kelly's defense dismissed the notions and argued the man on the tape did not have a large mole on his back as did the singer.Kelly's camp argued for some time that the tape was digitally altered and he was not a participant in the act. They claimed computer-aided technology was used to distort the singer's image and the tape was a conspiracy against Kelly. At one point Kelly's brother was also alleged to have been the man on the tape.The jury only took two days to deliberate to reach their verdict. Along with the mole on the singer's back, another key issue was the motive of Lisa Van Allen, the star witness. The defense accused Van Allen of attempted to export upwards of $30, 000 from Kelly in order to not testify.---Jayson Rodriguez