RJMrLA is satisfied with his status in hip-hop—he's dropped a handful of successful mixtapes and albums in the past few years, while growing a fan base to match his larger-than-life persona.

"Shit, who else you know could say they’re Mr. L.A. and walk around and everybody address you as that?" he asks XXL rhetorically. "That’s big already, so there’s no limit to where we can take it."

His confidence is unmistakably evident—understandably so, given all his recent success. RJ's O.M.M.I.O mixtape series and 2017's MrLA and The Ghetto, his collaboration album with Mustard, have all solidified him as a West Coast rapper to watch.

He's looking to build on that momentum with his next project OG. The title is an acronym for one of his more popular phrases, "On God"—not "original gangster." While RJ is tightlipped about guests on the album, he hinted about collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and YG in the stash.

The constant leveling up is all a product of RJ's tunnel-vision mentality: He spends most of his time in the studio, and ever since the birth of his two kids a couple of years ago, he's more focused than ever.

"When I had my first baby I started going crazy," RJ says. "If you ask Mustard he’d say that’s when I started going hard like that. They’re my everything. I’m trying to get back home to them. I want them to be right when I’m long gone; I want their kids to be right. That’s my motivation—it’s not just money.”

"Look at Jay-Z, Diddy, Ice Cube; all these artists that have reached a high plateau," he continues. "I’m tryna take it there—further than that, if I could. There’s really no limit. Right now I’m just continuing to make my stamp in the game, make my name known. I’ve been doing everything right—it got me this far."

The release date for OG has yet to be announced.

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