You may not think of comedian Ricky Gervais as a big hip-hop fan but during a recent appearance on DJ Whoo Kid's Whoolywood Shuffle radio show, the actor revealed just how much he loves the genre and how funny it can be.

The comedian first discussed using 2Pac's "Hit 'Em Up" for the intro of his show and said he was shocked when he first heard the opening lines. "Just the way it starts, 'I fucked yo bitch, you fat motherfucker.' What a way to start a song," he joked.

Gervais went on to say he believes people underestimate how funny rap can be. "Like Eminem, he makes jokes," the comedian told Whoo Kid. "He makes jokes in the songs and it's really great, it's about big issues."

The actor also praised hip-hop as an art form, saying, "I was just blown away that rap was this new art form that came out... And going back even further, the first time I heard 'The Message' by Grand Master Flash, I thought, I've never seen this in pop."

Elsewhere in the interview, Gervais recalled a "sweet" meeting with JAY-Z where the rapper  said he had seen him at a Four Seasons hotel but wasn't sure if the comedian would remember him. "It was so sweet to have JAY-Z [say] 'I don't know if you remember me,'" Gervais joked.

Check out Ricky Gervais' interview below.

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